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Rhotex 322

The inkjet printer for the industrial soft signage field

The share of digital printing for textile advertising materials increases by more than 50% each year. The Rhotex 322 is Durst's reaction to this market requirement. In contrast to many other devices which use solvent-based inks or only handle small print runs, the Rhotex 322 is designed for rugged industrial use. With a printing capacity of up to 140 m²/hour, the inkjet printer achieves maximum productivity with a print quality of up to 1200 dpi. Printing polyester fabrics using water-based Rhotex dispersion inks is absolutely ecological. These inks are recyclable, odor-free, gentle on the skin and VOC-free.

The Rhotex water-based dispersed dyes all comply with the Blue Wool scale 5-6 and can therefore be used in an outdoor application for up to two years and printing does not affect the textile’s inherent feel.