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Rho 500R

The Durst Rho 500R combines 600 dpi 6-colour print quality with an exceptionally high output of up to 350m² per hour thanks to its sophisticated mechanical engineering and further enhancement of the Durst Quadro 30D Array technology.
The Rho 500 is designed for printing a wide variety of large format display items such as 5m wide vinyl banners and mesh for facade cladding. It will also print three 1.6 m rolls together, for example, of textile for banners or self-adhesive polyester film for backlit application. The high precision of the carriage system, the linear
motor drive technology and the enhanced Quadro Array technology with 2048 nozzles per colour, achieves optimum print quality with high productivity. While the built-in sensors and the specially designed media transport system allow for problem-free unattended printing, the extremely low production costs and low ink consumption, thanks to its intelligent dither technology, make the Rho 500R one of the most economical printers ever.
The software developed with customers around the world lets you set support-specific parameters for all printing jobs and memorize them for duplicates.
The completely VOC-free UV Rho Roll Ink, accredited with the Nordic Swan certification, meets the most stringent environmental requirements.