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Rho 320R HS

With the Rho 320R HS the Large Format market turns a profit

The new Rho 320R HS high-performance roll-to-roll UV inkjet printer meets all the needs of a modern printing company with a demanding clientele:

• High quality in 6-color printing

• Flexibility in materials

• High-speed output

• Eco-friendliness

• Quick response times, 24/7 production

• Low-cost printing

• Integrated finishing process

High quality:

600 DPI, CMYK, white as spot or underprint/overprint, possibility of additional spot or process colors such as orange and violet for 6-color printing (broadening the color gamut).

Flexibility in materials:

takes all roll supports (3” or 6”): paper, plastic film, vinyl, PVC, polyester fabric, self-adhesive film, etc. Big-format rolls up to 600 kg, printable even in dual roll (2 x 160 cm) with separate print queue.

High-speed output:

170 sq. m/h (on width of 3200 mm) in Hi-Speed mode; 75 sq. m/h in backlit mode with double ink load.


VOC-free UV inks, “Nordic Swan” quality seal, conformant to AgBB standards.

Quick response times, 24/7 production:

ripping, simultaneous data and print transfer; automatic printing with safety devices and internal monitoring.

Low-cost printing:

after roll insertion and print queue preparation in the pre-press department, or directly by the customer (web to print), no more need for operator supervision.

Ink consumption reduced to a minimum thanks to high-pigmentation inks and ink-optimizing software

(6 to 12 ml/sq. m, depending on image files).

Integrated finishing process:

an integrated device that trims post-printing, glossy/opaque (or semi-glossy) print function, front/back printing.

Ink calculation program and integrated MIS software for consumption situation and oversight.