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Rh0 900

The Rho 900 is a 2.5m wide UV inkjet printer designed to offer the ultimate productivity combined with the finest quality print.
It features automated media handling to maximise output and also additional process colours which extend the colour gamut.
The continuous media transport system incorporates an auto-feed table with belts, sheet feed gate with guides for parallel board printing, and automatic two-point pin registration system for printing flexible sheets.

The Rho 900 will print up to 72 boards (4 x 8ft/125 x 250cm) per hour in 6 colours.

Process Colour Addition (PCA)

The addition of two process colours, either orange and green or orange and violet makes reproduction of even difficult corporate colours possible. It also helps to provide smoother colour gradients and solids. There is no loss of speed and no special file preparation required.

The Rho 900 can also print white, varnish or light colours along with the new additional process colours which further expand its possible