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Rh0 800 HS

The world’s first continuous industrial UV flatbed printer now provides even faster print output: the new Rho 800 HS (High Speed) increases production by 80%. Other innovative developments, particularly the revolutionary Quadro Array technology along with outstanding workflow, have set a new standard in high-speed production.

The combination of a compact, robust industrial design with the facility for the continuous, uninterrupted printing of any number of boards means that the Rho 800 Presto and Rho 800 HS provide a previously unattainable level of production efficiency and quality in industrial printing.

The Rho 800 series features the following benefits and innovations:
Rho 800 HS: twice the number of nozzles, i.e. 2048 nozzles per colour.
Exceptional production output of up to 216 boards per hour (125 x 80 cm/4 x 2.6 ft.).
Printing of light colours without loss of speed.
Mechanism for continuous board feeding.
Mechanical front stops allow parallel printing of boards.
Perfect print registration on long boards due to mechanical front stops.
Innovative Quadro Array technology combines the highest print speed with the finest print quality.
Highest reliability in the market (24/7 production).

Users of the Rho 800 series will be able to realise increased levels of profit as a result of the faster and more cost-effective completion of print orders, releasing extra capacity for additional business!