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Easy Media

 EasyMEDIA allows you to create ICC profiles for printers, guaranteeing accurate and consistent colour reproduction across all your processes.

Incorporating i1Prism V2, the new X-Rite profile building engine, EasyMEDIA benefits from the latest state-of-the-art algorithms for enhanced colour separation and colour management within your Caldera workflow.


Easy Media includes a library of several thousand ICC profiles for all major manufacturers is included as standard, but creating new profiles to match your individual needs is easy. For precise colour management, embedded profiles are detected, extracted and applied automatically, and parameters are determined according to the image, be it vector, greyscale, RGB or CMYK. Spot colours are supported through the CXF library and named colours are identified with full simulation of printed colours based on the output profiles.

With its highest-ever accuracy and a colour range beyond the reach of previous profilers, EasyMEDIA is an essential tool to help you meet the increasing demand for perfect colour reproduction.


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