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Kappa 180

High-performance Inkjet digital printer for the textile industry - Durst Kappa 180 is a genuine alternative to flat bed screen printing and with a printing speed of more than 600 sq.m./hour (over 300 running meters) and outstanding printing quality (1056x600 dpi), it is the new premium product in the textile printing sector.

The Kappa 180 has been developed on the basis of Durst‘s proprietary Quadro printhead technology at company‘s Development Center in Kufstein, Austria, to meet the specific requirements of the textile industry with „QuadroZ“. The own high-grade inks (Kappa Inks) for textile printing were developed in the Durst Research Center in Lienz, Austria, to print on different textile fibers with absolutely
environmentally friendly, water-based dispersion, reactive and acid inks using the QuadroZ Arrays. Durst Kappa 180 is innovative economically and ecologically, since it reduces water and power consumption compared with conventional methods and at the same time offers total flexibility for customers. There are no limits with Kappa 180 as far as design and colors are concerned and every changeover is direct and immediate – setup times and screen-making are now things of the past.

Printing System:
Durst Kappa 180 has fully automatic feeding-in and guiding facilities for textiles with a maximum printing width of 195 cm and a printing blanket with an integrated washing system. The drying unit is a hot air dryer powered by gas, steam of electricity.
The modified Durst Quadro Array technology, makes it possible to print on textiles by way of a specially hardened, fray-resistant nozzle plate with a drop size of 7-21 picoliters 6,144 jets per color produce a resolution of up to 1680 dpi, while a single automatic nozzle cleaning system ensures uninterrupted operation

Workflow Features:
• Durst Advanced Remote Diagnostics (DARD™) – Monitors all relevant parameters e.g. printheads, humidity, temperature, tension and much more
to prevent unplanned downtimes and maintanance work
• Durst Advanced Stroke Control (DASC™)
• Durst Advanced Print Control - (DAPC™)

High-Speed Mode: Printing speed of more than 600 sq.m./hour with an inking rate of 7g/m2 and a resolution of 1056x600 dpi High-Quality Mode: Printing speed up to 320 sq.m./hour with an inking rate of up to 14g/m2 and a resolution of 1056x600 dpi

8 colors in CMYK, orange, red, blue and gray, with no modulations or density fluctuations. A key role is played here by the ink delivery system with the osmosis filtering system, which eliminates the tiny gas bubbles in the inks and ensures that the printing is constant and failure-free

The own developed Kappa Inks can be printed with absolutely environmentally friendly, water-based dispersion, reactive and acid inks on the different textile fibers

Printing Technology:Piezo Inkjet Multipass

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